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Media Transfer

As you know, the way we capture and save our memories has varied widely over the last several decades. As a result many of us end up with an assortment of tapes, photos, etc. stuck away in boxes for years.

At A+ Video we have the equipment and ability to capture and transfer many types of media. You can bring us your collection, and we can put them together for you so that you can enjoy them and share them with others.

Media types that we work with are:
•Hi8 & 8mm video
•8mm reels
After digitizing your images and putting them in our computer we can crop, color correct, brighten or darken, contrast and enhance. we can often remove unwanted spots, tears, objects or people. After getting each image as good as we possibly can, we put it into a smooth, continuous video track, add transitions, music and titles of your choice and return it to you on a DVD that will play on your DVD player/ television. Of course we will return your original materials unharmed.

Media Transfer Costs -

Photos & slides-$3.00 ea, Digital photos & slides -$2.00 ea, This price includes repair & enhancement, music, titles & a personalized, photo album box.

Home Videos-.10/ minute plus $3.00/cut or cassette, ($10.00 minimum) This is a simple transfer, not including editing. If you want the video enhanced or edited, there will be an additional charge.

8mm reels-.20/foot. This price includes color and contrast enhancement, titles, and a photo album box and music. Additional copy prices range from $10 - $25, depending on length and complexity of your project.